Take a Look

Take a Look

What you get is a dense fiber center between two surfaces of natural textured rubber. The result is the most effective gripper to keep all furniture in place on any floor without causing damage - Starting at just $6.99 a set!


Verified Purchases

  • "Incredible Grip!!"

    "Using these under 2 recliners that would constantly bounce when we used them! These pads have INCREDIBLE GRIP and the chairs never move now!!
    Lisa - South Carolina

  • "WOW!!"

    "Two years of dealing with our sliding sectional drove us crazy with multiple floor scratches and dents in the wall! Placed one under each leg and not even a budge now!!
    Paola - Connecticut

  • "House Cleaner Hates it!"

    "That's right, every time she needs to clean under the furniture, she now has to lift them off of the pads - That's how well they grip! I pay her well, so I'm not worried at all."
    Mike - New Jersey


What size do I need?

We recommend ordering the closest size to your furniture leg within a 1/2" variable. Your 3 1/2" square furniture leg can use our 3" square DURA-GRIP and it will perform perfectly. While you can order bigger than your leg, we would rather hide the pad from sight as much as possible.

Is it safe for my floor?

Yes - The rubber surface that sits on your floor is 100% natural and not treated with any sticky additive, making it completely safe for all types of hard floors.

How many do I need for my furniture?

DURA-GRIP should be under every furniture leg to keep the furniture level - We offer it in sets of 4 and 8, so choose the most appropriate based on your furniture.

What does shipping cost?

We ship each order to addresses within the contiguous U.S. for free! Orders ship within 1 business day.