DURA-GRIP Furniture Grippers

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DURA-GRIP Non Slip Furniture Gripper Pad for Hard Floors

The only product to effectively and safely stop your furniture from sliding on any floor!

$ 7.49

Do you have furniture that slides on your floor?

If so, stop all sliding now - DURA-GRIP® is our exclusive furniture gripper pad that is placed under each furniture leg to truly prevent sliding furniture and damage to your floors. It is made in the USA of dense fiber and rubber and there is nothing to stick, simply place pad under each furniture leg and it's like nailing it to the floor.

How it works?

That's one of the best parts! There is nothing to stick or nail - Simply place under furniture leg!

  • Place DURA-GRIP under each furniture leg
  • No sticky mess - DURA-GRIP sits right on the floor
  • Your furniture immediately stops sliding

Each DURA-GRIP pad is made from recycled materials that would have normally been thrown away - Excess material from the cuts of rug pads from our Sister Company, Rug Pad Corner, are professionally attached and then cut into various sizes and shapes of DURA-GRIP - This maintains our principals of a GREEN company using only recycled American materials.

How to install DURA-GRIP furniture gripper pads

Where to use DURA-GRIP

DURA-GRIP is effectively used under any furniture meant to remain stationary:

  • Sectional sofas and regular couches
  • Chairs
  • Recliners
  • Beds
  • Any other furniture to stay in place all the time